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  • 988-PAIA Balaclava fire RETARDANT and anti-STATIC. Applications: Balaclava for environments of heat and flame, and welding, where in addition it is required a garment anti-static (ATEX environments). Features: Made of fabric inherent of 240 grams, with stitching in Kevlar. IN 13688 En 11612 En 1149-5

  • Brace Rigid PRO. 1388-RR PRO Easy positioning thanks to its elasticity and the adjustment system using velcro, which allow an excellent adaptation.Designed to provide comfort and to prevent damage to hard surfaces or with small stones, that could result in damage to the cartilage or chronic (bursitis...etc). Manufactured in:Structure: Polyamide and...

  • Knee pads KNEE PAD DIADORA grey pvc 703.146417Brace for models DIADORA Vig(158505) 100% PVC Pack of 2 units

  • Leggings yellow with bands of phosphorescent. Characteristics: Leggings to signal visually to the user in danger situations of low visibility. Manufactured in polyester, with fabric, fluorescent yellow, bands retro reflecting. and elastic which allow them to be adapted and fixed to the top of the trousers of the user.Uses and Jobs: Signaling of the user...

  • Lumbar brace with adjustable straps and velcro closure Easy positioning thanks to its elasticity and the adjustment system using velcro, which allow an excellent adaptation. Designed to provide a support to the lower back and the abdomen through four whales which exert a pressure and resistance, as appropriate, that reduce the possibility of back injuries...

  • Vest Series 105901 SAFARI MULTIBOLSILLOSDescription: Twill vest central zip closure, front and back yoke, with mesh fabric inside.Composition: Sarga. 65% polyester - 35% cotton 180 gr / m2-It has nine pockets: 2 breast pockets on the chest, with placket, handle and velcro, 1 breast pocket, vertical with zip, 2 bottom pockets with zipper, on them, two...

  • Vest. TRUCK. Utility Diadora. 702.160310 Description: Vest half-time. Vest 3 front pockets, pockets to the hands and pocket to BAG rear.Composition: Gabardine 100% Cotton 240 gr/m2Colors: Blue, Grey Sizes: S-M-L-XL-XXL-XXXL

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items