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  • Mod. "CLARENCE". Glasses type visit/cover-glasses, eye-pan, with a pin adjustable length and eye pivoting.Features: Glass eye polycarbonate green shade IR 5.0 anti-scratching and anti-empañante, for mechanical risks (projections) and risk by radiation (Infrared radiation).Compatible with most prescription eyewear.Treatment anti-zest (increased...

  • Mod. "NITRO". Glass eye panoramic view with pin adjustable in length.Features: Glass eye green unilente of polycarbonate, with anti-scratch and wide visual field. Lens green welding protective grade 5.

  • Screen Automatic Welding BOLLE FUSION +.Screen with new filter thinner, more resistant, more lightweight and more fast, its sporty design and its high resistance, the screen FUSION+ offers a concentrate of cutting-edge technologies and innovative. Latest addition to the range of welding, FUSION+ offers incomparable advantages, 4 independent sensors, a...

  • Screen Welding electro-optical BOLLE VOLTScreen suitable for welding MIG/MAG, TIG and Grinding, the screen VOLT is the sweet spot between safety, protection and comfort. Available in automatic filter, and variable with a harness fixing 5 positions, VOLT responds to the demands of protection in welding multi-purpose.VARYING TONES 4/9-13FROSTEDREACTION...

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items