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Autonomous oxygen chemical rescuer Oxypro-30 2288-AOQ


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Autonomous oxygen chemical rescuer Oxypro-30 2288-AOQ

Self-contained breathing apparatus with closed circuit of the chemical oxygen type for evacuation.
• Closed circuit: It is isolated from the outside, it does not filter the polluted atmosphere of the environment. The exhaled and inhaled air recirculates within the equipment itself. DO NOT CONFUSE WITH FILTERING RESPIRATORY PROTECTION.
• Chemical oxygen: The cartridge contains chemicals to absorb CO2 and to also absorb moisture and generate oxygen through KO2 (Potassium peroxide).
• Evacuation: Only valid for escape situations from the contaminated area. Limited oxygen generation. Not valid for continuous work.
• It is a respiratory protection equipment worn by the user individually and protects it against harmful atmospheres or oxygen deficiency (<20.5%).
• Therefore, it is an Individual Protection Equipment and to protect from a mortal or very serious risk. Category III.
• In the event of a deficiency of oxygen, smoke or dangerous gases, these devices give the user more time to reach the nearest safe area or to make a successful escape from the scene.
• Confined spaces for construction, maintenance, repair or inspection.
(Reactors, Storage tanks, sedimentation, Underground rooms, Tunnels. Underground works. Sewers. Service galleries. Ship warehouses. Underground manholes. Transport tanks).
• Underground mining.

Regulation (EU) 2016/425 on PPE.
EN 13794: 2003. Meets Annex A for underground use.
EU Type Certificate No. EPT 0477.PPE.19 / 3366 (Module B).
Certificate No. EPT 0477.PPE.20 / 4023 (Module D).

• Inhalation temperature ≤50 ºC
• Size (mm) 202x119x191
• Weight (Kg) 2.2
• Autonomy of use 30 min to 35 l / min
• Useful life in transport mode 5 years
• Shelf life in storage 10 years
• Chemical oxygen type K (KO2)
CE EN 13794: 2003 Closed-circuit self-contained breathing apparatus for evacuation

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