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Filtro P3 Carbón Activo STEELPRO 2288-FP3 CA View larger

Filter P3 Active Carbon STEELPRO 2288-FP3 CA

2288-FP3 CA

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Filters thread STEELPRO for a half-mask to "BREATH". Active charcoal. 2288-FP3 CA.

(Set of 2 units)

The active carbon allows you to reduce certain types of gases and vapors at low concentration (organic gases of decomposition, annoying odors, etc.).

Features: Filter P3 (Particles class 3). Dusts, Mists and Fumes. Uses and use: Handling of powdered substances, (cement, wood, stone, fibers, flours...), construction and quarrying (dust, sand...), Mining (Chlorates, Cobalt, Copper, Quartz-Silica, Lead...), Industry (fumes, welding, cutting aluminum, steel, oxides, caustic soda, phosphoric acid...), Agriculture and Gardening (Sulfur and Arsenics in dust, spraying pesticides...), Maintenance (cleaning of dust and swept, sanded, environments very dusty, caustic soda), Work with Asbestos (asbestos).

CE EN143 Respiratory Protective Equipment. Filters against particles.

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